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MBRTRB, Members of the Tribeis a streetwear clothing line and accessories for anti conformist minds good vibes, fiesta, party time, and dance.
MBRTRB embraces everyone regardless of age, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or social status.
MBRTRB is intimately linked to the House movement that started in the 90s.
MBRTRB believes that the world can be repaired one step at time
MBRTRB, Members of the Tribe, est une ligne de et d’accessoires pour esprit anti-conformiste, dédié aux bonne vibes, à l’esprit festif, au party et à la danse.
MBRTRB est ouvert à tous peu importe leur couleur, genre, orientation sexuelle, religion  ou statut social
MBRTRB est intimement lié au mouvement house qui a commencé dans les années 90s. 
MBRTRB croit que le monde peut être réparé un pas à la fois

10% of our net profits will be donated to charities based in Montreal.
Old Brewery Sun Youth 

We use only high-quality Gildan shirts. Gildan is one of the biggest t-shirt company in the world and it is from Montreal.
Size small to XL - special orders for 2xl and up.

Colours available upon request


Sweatshop free.

MBRTRB also welcomes collaboration with companies that share the same vision.

Special edition, limited edition upon request